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  • Dana V. Hayes

You're Not A Mess, You're Brave For Trying!

I was browsing Pinterest recently, and when I saw the picture below it really made me think about my journey thus far.I wondered How many of you have discussed an idea, a goal, or a vision for your life and were immediately met with negative outlooks?

It seems no matter how close the person is to you, whether it’s a spouse, partner, friend, relative, etc.; People have a hard time adapting to change. They see different or change as risky, and will immediately give you 25 reasons why right now isn’t the right time. It is those moments that often bring down your morale, and you become filled with fear of the unknown. I’ve spent years feeling unfulfilled because I knew that the job I was doing wasn’t my passion. I allowed circumstances in life, as well as fear and thinking I had to have everything planned out perfectly, keep me from pursuing anything that would allow me to live in my purpose and vision I had for my life.

Now, I have learned to map out my plan, begin to execute, and share my vision only with people who I can trust with my heart. Your vision has to be clear in order to walk in confidence when discussing your vision. You may not know every detail, but you have to be clear on what your ultimate goal is.Is it to build wealth? Is it to have a career you are passionate about? Are you happy with your job, but want to expand it to fit your passion?

Here are a few ways to help formulate your vision, and become confident in your plan for your next step in life:

1.Take time out to brainstorm ideas. I suggest doing this on your own. Use those quiet moments of your day to jot down or type ideas that interest you. If you already have a specific idea, use this time to fine tune it. Make sure you can access your thoughts wherever you are, by using programs such as Google Docs or a recorder, so you can always have a way to make a quick note and recall your ideas.

2. Research. This is key! Take time to search online other people and/or companies who have the same vision/ideas. See what they are doing successfully and seek out like-minded individuals who can give you some tips or encouragement. Family can be utilized as well; however, the problem with going to just family or friends, is they may not be familiar with the things you are aiming to accomplish or doesn’t know anyone who has. Their immediate reaction may be “don’t do it” or “not now”. This may not necessarily be because they don’t want the best for you. Sometimes they just can’t talk about what they don’t know about, and in turn they may believe they are helping you by warning you of “potential risk”.

3. Invest in yourself. Maybe your vision involves pursuing more schooling. Taking a class or attending a workshop is always a good way to sharpen skills you have or gain new knowledge to help you build the confidence needed to step into your vision.

4. Now is the time to rally support from your support system. This DOES NOT mean everyone. Again, your support should come from people who you can trust to be open-minded and supportive regardless of the outcome. As a matter of fact, this may be a time to evaluate who those people are in your life. Sometimes you have to distance yourself from those who don’t give off the energy you are trying to maintain.

5. Lastly, Just do it! Take that leap and start small. There is no perfect time to start living your vision than right now. The best thing to do is do it.

Perfection is not your goal, progress is. Remember, your ultimate goal is more important than the process.

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