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  • Dana V. Hayes

What is WeekendISH?

Welcome to WeekendIsh! WeekendISH started as a hashtag I would use on the weekend. I saw it as a way to celebrate the break from the hustle of the work week. However it eventually became more than a hashtag to describe random pictures or videos taken on the weekend.

#WeekendISH is a feeling. It's about feeling empowered to LIVE the life you deserve and desire regardless of life's condition. It's about not giving power to negativity, hate, or jealousy. It's all about promoting love, encouragement, peace of mind and peaceful living in spite of what life has dealt you. #WeekendISH is Living Out loud All Four Seasons! You decide what that means, and live into it!

In this blog I will attempt to write what my heart speaks, and hopefully encourage myself and others. Happy Reading!


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