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  • Dana V. Hayes

It's Not Dead!

Today I am grateful for continual renewal of faith. Currently I am aspiring to be a successful entrepreneur. This journey has been the scariest experience of my adult life, yet God continues to drop little jewels in my life that renew my faith not only in him but my dream.

A few weeks ago I planted some new flowers in my garden. I’m no expert, I thought they were pretty so I added them. I wasn’t sure if I had the right soil, lighting, or if they would grow well with the other flowers I had chosen I just took a risk. Well soon after I noticed all the petals were gone, and it appeared that they had died. This was a disappointment.

Well yesterday I saw that that some of the flowers that had seemingly withered away had started to bloom again. This alone was so eye opening! I felt it was confirmation from God that I needed to keep focused on what will be, not the current circumstance. God can bless you in the last hour, and in an instance your dream that you thought was dead can have life again.

I can’t say where this entrepreneurship journey will take me, but I know the direction and that’s up!

Bless up!

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