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  • Dana V. Hayes


So it’s been a while since I’ve talked to y’all, but I definitely have a lot to catch you up on. It’s been a roller coaster ride and having patience has been a daily battle. Hopefully, I can encourage All of us today.

Patience is a virtue that’s necessary, but hard to master. I mean HARD lol!

Seems like my patience lately has been tested more than ever. Every time I look i’m faced with a NO, NOT NOW, DENIED TRY AGAIN.

This frustrates me. For a minute I become consumed with sorrow. I question my actions, my method, my drive.

I then look for who else is to blame. Who didn’t support me, who didn’t encourage me, who lied, who deceived me, who “hated on me”. Then I’m left with the realization that it was none of that. I realize MY reaction may be why I’m still set back.

See a “set back”, a “delay”, a “denial”, often reveals your true level of faith, belief, courage, drive, ambition. No man, or circumstance should cause you to doubt yourself, your circle, or your God. It should motivate you to fine tune, strat

egize, educate yourself, and trust that God’s plan is the Best plan.

Easy isn’t appreciated. Think about it...

Sounds cliche, but to me What You Work For You Fight For, you take pride in it.

So have patience when pursuing your dreams. Don’t let others success, negative opinions, or your own fear keep you from getting over that hill. Your fulfilled dream is on the other side.

Be Patient.

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