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  • Dana V. Hayes

Action Vs. Words

“Characterize people by their ACTIONS and you will never be fooled by their WORDS.” -unk author.

When I tell you, this quote is life right now!

2017 has been a year of this! Learning to see beyond what I want people or things to be, and seeing what it really is. I find the hardest part is learning to guard yourself from it when it’s (their words) not real. You know the moment when I can understand the words that are coming out of your mouth, but your ACTIONS speak louder.

I had to learn that I can be kind and loving without being a doormat. Everyone or thing is simply not worthy of your attention, time, or energy . I feel more at peace knowing I’m giving my energy to people who SHOW me they are down for me. SHOW me they have genuine intentions to do right by me. All the energy I use to put into relationships was based on my good intentions towards them, but didn’t take in account I wasn’t getting the same.

What a relief to realize that it’s not necessary to be the “bigger person”, and that protecting my heart is important. Remembering I matter is important, and strengthening relationships with people who don’t embrace that is not!

Moral of the story is, It’s #GoSeason!! Go forward with love. Go forward with honesty. Go forward with trust. Go forward with transparency. Go forward with ambition. Let Go of the rest✌🏾 #WEEKENDISH

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