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  • Dana V. Hayes


Who made Friday the ultimate prize? Or is it? I mean we tunnel through Monday - Thursday hungry for Friday.

Everyone has bought into it. Most companies make you wait until Friday to get paid. Dress down Friday’s. First Friday events. The popular three day weekend starts with Friday.

It’s like Friday is the most important and anticipated day, but also the least important.

So anything

goes happens on Friday’s, but the rest of the weekday’s we have different rules.

Let me reach further...

What if this pattern or mentality is how we approach life?! Choices and decisions, all pending the perfect time.

We remain reserved, cautious, unmotivated until the right day or time.

Then we see someone else smiling and crushing goals Monday thru Thursday, and admire their courage and ambition.

What are you really waiting for?

Success Doesn’t only come around for the weekend. You can’t sit around promoting and putting energy into someone else’s vision or goals, and then only pick up yours on Friday after 5.

Don’t sit on the sidelines scared, afraid, cautious, unmotivated, uninspired like you are a Monday -Thursday.

Looking for perfection will keep you in a constant rut of uncertainty and lack of confidence.

Live Friday! Be that carefree, inspired, risk taking, letting it all hangout Friday that we all admire and hope for each week.

The change you are looking for starts with you, and how you see yourself, your idea, your life all week long. Don’t limit being awesome to the weekend. Live everyday like the Weekend!

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