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  • Dana V. Hayes

Are You Preparing To Lose?

Sometimes our biggest obstacle is ourselves. We are so used to losing, that we prepare to lose before we even start. We purposely tread with caution trying to avoid the possibility of disappointment. Constantly reminding ourselves that it’s okay if we don’t succeed, or that it’s okay if the outcome is less than we hoped for. We suppress our excitement just so we don’t have to explain later why “it” didn’t work out.

Look, I’m all for making goals, keeping them to ourselves, and smashing the ISH out of them. However, this shouldn’t be a method of survival. We shouldn’t be playing it safe “just in case” the outcome is not what we hoped for. We need to live every day like it’s our last chance to make it happen. At the end of the day if you haven’t achieved what you set out to achieve, at least you can say you are one step closer.

See I see goal setting as an opportunity to get our stuff together. If you set out to do one thing, but along the way you found you could get another thing done, then that’s progress. God seems to have a way of guiding you right to where you need to be at that moment. Like the quote says, “there is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.” And those stairs allow you to meet people who become support systems and cheerleaders for you. Along the way, you learn skills that allow you to better attack your ultimate goal. Along the way you learn to have thick skin that is needed when you are at the top. Then sometimes you learn that your passion is much more than you thought, and your goal evolves into another direction.

This is not by chance. This is God saying, “see that plan you had, I have a better one!” Be shamelessly excited about your journey to success. The ups and downs will make you a great leader and role model for the next person. Don’t be discouraged by those who use it to taunt you, or downgrade your destiny. Everyone can’t see what God has placed in you, so as always stay focused. Prepare to win! Be obnoxiously Positive, have crazy Faith, and stay Focused on goal!

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