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  • Dana V. Hayes

Relax! Imperfection is Normal.

This week marks 3 weeks since I've fully committed to being conscious of my diet and exercise AGAIN. I never fully fell off the wagon, but I was close to it. I've been working out 5 days a week, I've been diligent in watching the portions I eat at each meal. I gave up my glass or two of Wine I would have a day. I've been taking my supplements as required. I've been getting it ya'll!

For some reason though, after my full body workout on Tuesday I was more sore than usual! I mean my spin class Wednesday was torture because of it. So as a result, I took yesterday off from working out. I still remained faithful to the rest of the regimen, but last night I just had to have some kettle corn popcorn lol. Not a handful, but the whole bag lol. I thought to myself, this is going to mess me up, but oh well. Anyways, to my surprise I was down another pound this morning. Hallelujah!!

This made me think about the rest of my life. It seems it's always easy to fully immerse yourself into what's working as long as it's easy. I know for me, when it gets hard I get antsy. I find another project to distract me, and put a 100% into as if this will change what's going on over there.

The fact is, right now if feels like the walls are caving in. I'm at a point where i'm questioning if what I set out to do is the right thing. So I took some time away from it. This morning however reminded me that getting off track or out of my lane, doesn't mean it's too late to get back on track. It also showed me that being imperfect in my efforts doesn't mean my goal is not attainable.

The word consistency has been ringing in my ears all week. I think there will be times when it gets so hard that you start to lose focus and find something more attractive to keep you occupied, but the key is to balance your efforts. You know what's necessary to keep things afloat, and the pressure of being 100% at all times is just another distraction. There are so many people who try to convince you that the grind should never end, but that's simply not true. That Kevin Gates motto, " I don't get tired", is ridiculous.

You have to take care of you! In order to be consistent, balance has to be present. You need me time, family time, business time, etc. This is living! Not working yourself until you can't go anymore. Your relationships in all areas of your life will be healthier if you give them each the attention necessary. You have to be consistently conscious that all things need you to breathe life into them. You can't expect growth if you only pick the other thing up, when one thing gets hard or too stressful. That mentality alone is stressful.

Choose a few things that really motivate you, and prioritize a little of your time a day to those things. When you need a break, take one. What's success in life if you can't enjoy it. Be consistently aware that you are the most important part of your success. Without you it doesn't work. Sometimes taking care of you means, eating a bag of popcorn. The key is not over indulging. Eat that popcorn, breath, relax and get back to work. Watch how energized and fired up you become again.

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