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  • Dana V. Hayes

So They Prayed For Your Downfall...

Bruh/Sis Let me tell you, this is not new. I'm only 33 and I can say I've experienced some blatant and not so blatant instances when this happened. They don't usually tell you, but it's pretty evident through their actions, body language, distance they create between the two of you. It's what we usually call hatin'.

The urban dictionary defines hatin' as the following:

Sayin bad things about/puttin someone down because they have something that you want.

The funny thing is, I'm always amazed because it's always from someone whom I thought had it altogether. Usually I'm thinking to myself what do I have like that, that caused such a feeling.

The thing about it is, you always have something someone else wants. The person hatin' could have a lot of money, beauty, fashion, etc. However they may admire your relationships. They may admire your personality, your ability to be cool, calm, and collected. They might admire your poise, your know how, your talent.

This only proves that material things and superficial characteristics can only go so far. It also proves that the prettiest people sometimes crave the simplest things. Some people are aching for love, devotion, courage, knowledge, security and don't know how to ask for it.

So they pray for your downfall. The mere sight of your happiness, your success, your crazy faith bothers them.

People like that need more than ever to see you rise above. I bet you didn't think that would be my response, but I'm learning this myself.

I have to constantly self-correct when I feel that feeling of vengeance rise up in me. I want to lash out at them, I want to expose them, I want to block them out of my life, but all of that takes way too much energy.

The best way to handle a hater is to pray for their come up. Let them see you grow, lead, offer empathy and compassion. God will handle all negativity, hate, judgement, and well wishes that are anything but.

Your elevation to higher heights will be vengeance enough. What's for you, is for you! #WeekendISH

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