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  • Dana V. Hayes

All I Gave Up Was Excuses

People always want to know what I did to lose weight, start my own business. I gave up all the excuses. It's that simple!

I'm a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and I'm sure just like every Greek I learned about what excuses meant. The poem goes as follows:

"Excuses are tools of Incompetence used to build bridges to nowhere and monuments of nothingness, and those who use them seldom specialize in anything else." -Author is Unknown

I learned the poem, however, I never knew how much those words meant until I graduated and entered the real world.

I can think of many situations within my career, my relationships, and my attempts to keep and stay active and fit that I had to quote this poem in my head. I would shake my head and say Amen because when you think about it, there are hardly any excuses that are valid in most situations.

It really boils down to your willingness to get things done.

Are you holding yourself accountable to accomplish the things you set out to do?

In many instances, we aren't. I said WE because even though I'm writing this, this is something I struggle with too. We can have accountability partners, planners, alerts on our phone, alarms, smoke signals, but the fact is the will to do something comes from within. It's mental!

There will never be a book, article, or speech good enough to make you take the next step. We can watch all the social media motivational speakers we want, if we don't decide, plan, and prepare to do it and then take the next obvious step, which is to just do it, NOTHING will change.

You have to give up the excuses!

If your motivation level is based on another individual or thing, you will not make it. Sometimes, believe it or not, people are busy. Sometimes people will forget to call you to go to the gym. Some people have other activities going on, so they couldn't remind you to write that business plan, that book, get your business name registered, meal prep your food, take some time out to workout, take time for yourself. Sometimes those electronics malfunction. The motivation has to come from within. If when you wake up, you are tired of your current state, whatever it may be, that's motivation enough.

Stop making excuses and blaming your lack of action on your "accountability partner"! If you had no one and you had to eat, what would you do? Starve! You have to be hungry for results and success.

Lets make the rest of this week count! Small or big Decide to change something in your life, Plan how you will do it, Prepare for things that may get in the way of you doing it, and Just do it! Sounds easy? It's not, but what in your life that was easy did you appreciate?! For most of us, nothing comes to mind. It won't be easy, but making excuses will only keep you where you've been already. As I always say, perfection is not the goal, progress is!

Say No to excuses! That's #WeekendISH !

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