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  • Dana V. Hayes

Motivation is in your Gratefulness

Have you ever gotten so deep into thinking about what you didn't have, that you didn't have the motivation to keep going regardless of your situation?

It could be anything...Money low, weight not dropping, people not supporting you like you would like them to, kids out of control, house won't stay clean, opportunities seem to pass you by, your man or your woman not acting right.

These things will have you feeling like you are in the worst situation. These things will have you drowning yourself in self pity, acting funny with your friends, purposely not liking someone's happy post on Facebook or IG lol. Man that feeling of jealousy and woe is me will take over in a second.

It will drain you of all your energy and will to keep going.

The crazy thing is, your Motivation lies in your ability to be Grateful even in those situations.

Stop being motivated only when you see someone's #Goals post. Sometimes Don't get caught up in what others are doing; we are all meant to be different. Try being unapologetically you and obnoxiously grateful, and see how your days seem lighter. Find the purpose of each moment and be grateful.

Gratefulness doesn't start when you make it, or when you seemingly have everything you ever wanted. It begins in the smallest of things.

Everyday you have to wake up grateful that you did just that, Woke up! Everyday you lay in your bed, watch your TV in the comfort of your home there is someone who didn't have that opportunity. Someone who is in a tent, a box or nothing. Here we are complaining about our phone dry, or someone didn't support us. There is someone who has no one in their life, no phone to dial out on, and no family or friends to count on. God is the only consistent being and Death is the only outcome that is certain in life. So don't get caught up on a timeline you or someone else created for you.

Don't let what you don't have, keep you from the gift of gratefulness. Gratefulness is medicine for the broken heart, the disappointed, the negative spirit.

Be grateful, not for what the world says, but simply for being.

No moment is promised, live in it! Be grateful for each and every second you get to say Thank you, because someone at that very moment lost their chance to do so.

Watch how much you grow, your business grows, your relationships grows, your self-confidence grows.

Don't believe me, Try it, you have nothing to lose.

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