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  • Dana V. Hayes

Let that Ish Go!

 Sometimes I wander in uncharted territories. No map, no directions, no idea of where I'm going. In search of the peace I let slip away. 

A fond memory keeps me motivated. I remember times when I would sit for hours in silence. I would enjoy me. Dance to the melodies of my favorite album. Clean my room, sit in my bed, and read. Sleep for hours, where I would dream in color. Not a worry or care, only fantasies of the the next time I could enjoy peace.

Sometimes I get so involved in life, that I forget to protect my peace. I let the hustle of the day distort my energy, and my peace is then infiltrated by bad energy. My peace becomes overshadowed by things I can't change, and things that I can't reasonably predict will happen. 

So I close my eyes with hopes of becoming centered, with just one thought of that time when peace was an infinite time in a space that was mine alone. 

I wonder why I can't seem to find this place. I light candles, grab my computer, find a mellow song, and sit. Eyes locked on the computer screen and I wait. I wait for the words to describe this very moment. However it takes a while because I've forgotten how to relax. Seems like a simple task, but as adults it takes more than physically exiting a stressful place. This is because our stressful place typically resides in our head, like a squatter. It stays with us. It will attempt to make your brain it's home. 

So how do you combat this? How do you protect your peace? 

One thing you can do is, Stop putting you last. Stop giving your energy to the wrong things or people. Most importantly be honest with how you feel. Our bodies tell us when we have let stress overstay his welcome. Send it packing, take a load off. 

Disconnect from your phone, social media, work, and connect to things that make you smile when you close your eyes. Anything that can alter you mood in a positive way without you touching it or seeing it, is the place where your peace lies. 

Protect your peace and your energy, by nurturing it with time spent. 

Why do we spend so much time, putting time into the things that don't matter most? Who are we trying to impress? What are we trying to prove? 

We have been conditioned to value everything that gives the impression that we are hard, a hustler, a boss. I say go get your life! That's Boss! Water your own grass, and watch how everything around you grows. Where there is peace there is clarity; and there you will find a path that will give you every other desire of your heart. 

Where is your peace? Find it and let that other ish go! PEACE...

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