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  • Dana V. Hayes

Go Harder, It's Go Season!

Everyday you wake up should be a reason to Go Harder.

Before the new year I made this my internal motto, "Go Harder, It's Go Season!" 

When I felt sluggish, I pushed harder.

When I felt defeated, I remembered Why and worked harder.

When I was distracted, I adjusted my focus and went harder.

There is one thing that is constant in my method, and that is I had to be accountable to myself. Me, Myself, and I. 

Last week I posted a video on our Facebook page discussing this, and I wanted to elaborate on it further. 

I think most people rely on others drive, will power, and energy to motivate them, but don't know how to sustain this on their own.

Why is this? Well most people don't want to be accountable for both failures and successes. Every Failure is a step closer to success. You have to own life's failures so that you can grow, get back up, and go harder. 

If you are only motivated when another persons actions line up with what you expected from them, then you will be stagnant for a long time. 

Everyday you wake up should be motivation to Turn Up! Go Harder! 

Accountability partners can't be with you 24/7. You have to have the discipline to do what needs to be done when no one is looking. 

Whatever you want out of life, You have to be accountable for making it happen. It's your life, take charge of it!

Give your self permission to succeed. Don't relax in a bed of excuses and blame because it will leave you still.

Don't be a "still" person. Still waiting on your kids to get older, still waiting on your friend to join you, still waiting on the perfect timing, still waiting on extra money to come in. There is no reason to "still" be waiting. There is a solution at every level, and at every level there is a possibility you may fail.

A friend of mine said, you have to fail forward. Meaning fail, but keep moving forward. After you fail you then know what caused you to fail and you can change the method, not give up.

Adapt, Strategize, and GO! 

March 1st I made 34 years old, and The one thing I learned in year 33 of my life is that time is fleeting. You cannot afford to slow down, and take your time. There is no limit to success. The only limit is the one you put on it. 

It's GO season! Are you ready?  

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