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  • Dana V. Hayes

Reintroduce Yourself Daily

Over the weekend I was observing the sights while I was out and this came to me, " I'm going to learn to love you at your worst, but show me your best now."

People should treat everyday like they are going on a job interview. Dress to impress. Take pride in your appearance.

You could meet "The One", or you could meet someone that is instrumental in your big break.

The idea of "Being You" shouldn't mean you look any kind of way when you walk out of the door. You can't expect to be chosen, if you look like you were thrown away.

The type of energy or attention you draw to you is often initiated from your first impression.

I know that we are in the age of the natural, but natural doesn't mean you can get away with not combing your hair, getting a haircut, making sure you have nice clothes on, your shoes aren't dirty or falling apart, etc.

You have to be prepared for greatness.

You can't become convinced that because you are great, that people should be able to see past the superficial. Unfortunately attraction starts with appearance. You can be you, and still be groomed. You can't expect someone, who you have pre-judged as a person who should be glad you would even give them the time of day, to not pre-judge you too. You aren't doing anyone any favors. Everyone, believe it or not, is looking for the best option. Typically, this person doesn't know you. So that means you have to appear as someone worth knowing.

The point is, don't think so highly of yourself that you forget to present yourself daily as if you have to reintroduce yourself.

Each day is a new opportunity. Be the best you all the time, and you won't have to wonder if you put your best foot forward. God will align you with the right people, but the question is, Are You Prepared?

Preparation means different things for each person, but here are a few things to do in general:

1. Stop going out in your house clothes, unless you are prepared to see the one person you didn't want to see. I know it's happened to you before. You just need to make a run somewhere real quick, and that's when you see everyone you hoped you didn't. You swear it was a quick trip, but the impression you left with those people will be with them foreva (in my Cardi B voice lol).

2. If you are unemployed, an artist, or an aspiring entrepreneur be prepared to sell yourself. You could see a Now Hiring sign, meet someone that is having an event that you could showcase your talent, or meet someone that could use the service you provide. Keep resumes in your car, be prepared to showcase your talent to the promoter, have business cards with you or at the very least pictures of what it is you provide.

3. Be humble. This is the simplest and the hardest thing to do. No matter how educated, experienced, attractive, or talented you are there is someone out there who can help you get better. Be willing to learn and learn again. Be willing to take constructive criticism. Be willing to realize, that just because you feel you are more than them, that maybe they have something you don't have. Be open, Be humble, Be kind. Again, if you are submitting to the plan God has for your life, who he aligns you with is not your concern. You should be tuning into Why he aligned you with them.

Take these tips from me with love, and be prepared to Reintroduce yourself daily. Your new level is a first impression away.

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