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  • Dana V. Hayes

There Is Beauty In Your Scars

Let's discuss images. We all stroll Facebook and Instagram much more than we would like to admit, I know I do. However because of this we've become accustomed to forming opinions of people based on the images they share. On the flip side of that, we all post images that display the best part of us.

I do a lot of people watching, and I often wonder what lies behind their eyes. What's their story?

It's like everyday we plan for what image we want to portray, leaving no time to self analyze what's really going on inside. Wouldn't it be nice if the image matched the package? Yet we avoid self-checks because then that may reveal some deep rooted truths that we aren't ready for.

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to release those truths. The freedom that comes from being your most authentic self is priceless.

Now my favorite saying is, " You can't trust everybody with your story!" Unfortunately, that is true too many times.

Some people will use your true image to harm or taunt you. It's a shame because imagine how many generational curses could be lifted if we only told the truth.

I think we owe it to those coming behind us to be authentic. Of course always use your discernment before doing so, however be authentic so someone won't make the same mistakes as you. Be authentic, so those who came before us can free themselves from guilt and responsibility and start to live for themselves.

There is so much pressure to be perfect, responsible, strong, that we are doing future generations a disservice. We give a stern talking to, to the younger people about things we did and never tell our story; we only tell our lesson.

Let's take time to self analyze so that we can feed our soul what's necessary to live and not survive. Let's be a beacon of light. Be the story of triumph, although your image is flawed.

I choose to believe there is beauty in my scars. I've been wounded so many times, and I often bled internally never seeking help. This concept of strength and beauty is not conducive to living a free and stress free life. That's not #WeekendISH. Let's redefine what it means to be amazing. I'd like to know what's behind the sadness in your eyes or your voice? What motivates you to be so seclu

ded? What drives your passion to protect those closest to you, even to your own detriment. These things make you amazing!

Do me a favor and share this post, and tell your story along with it.

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