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  • Dana V. Hayes

Take That Leap Of Faith AGAIN

Hey Y'all Hey! I'm sitting here looking through my Facebook memories, and all it tells me is that I've tried to get fit, healthy, and well for some years. I've always had an athletic and competitive spirit, but not the body. Now I'm not saying I struggled with weight all my life, because I didn't. However, I didn't have the muscle definition I wanted. I would still get out of breath going up the stairs. I ate like I thought I would never gain weight. Typical teenager and twenty something.

Then in July 2015 I went on a 30th birthday trip with one of my friends, and I didn't like what I saw. This was the first time in my adult life I felt old and unattractive to me. Spare me the pep talks because it's never about what other people see or feel. This was about me. I knew that there were other people that would have loved to be my size, but that's always the case. There is always someone that would love to be in your shoes. The fact is I was not happy with what I saw. So I set out to lose some weight and get my body confidence back in August of 2015. I felt great being active again, because I always wanted to be a "gym rat" lol. However work, life, and stress kicked in AGAIN, and I allowed myself to get off track AGAIN.

So there I was AGAIN in January 2018, trying to start over and get focused. I committed myself to Advocare's ONE80 program for 80 days and now it's been 197 days and I'm still going, I don't focus on where I could have been had I not started over, I focus on where I'm going, and what my future will look like in another 197 days. I'd started over so many times that this time I was more wise and open to learning more about losing weight and maintaining it, and not just losing the weight for a moment in time.

I say this to say, the word AGAIN doesn't have to be accompanied with the customary eye roll. AGAIN, means that you are in a new space, ready for new opportunities, and you have the knowledge and experience to replace AGAIN, with KEEP GOING!

Do you see how a positive mind or outlook, can change a negative connotation into a positive?

I don't know about you, but when we don't reach a goal initially and others know about it, they often hit you with that, "Oh, you doing that AGAIN?", like yeah okay. This alone could deter someone who's mindset is not set on positivity and growth. Knowing your worth, and knowing why you started over again and again, and THIS time making it your focal point will allow you to use their less than positive comment as a driving force in your journey.

Now let's not let ourselves off the hook. Are you being kind to yourself? Are you holding yourself accountable? We can be our worst critic, and victimize ourselves with negative self-talk. We tell ourselves we are failures, less than, unworthy, undisciplined, incapable, weak. Then we devour a tub of ice cream that wasn't on the plan, tear up our business plan we worked on for hours, spend the money we were saving for a home, stop studying, stop trying. We self sabotage and then look for someone or thing to blame like work, family, or friends. Accountability starts with having this crazy thing called faith. If you have faith that it can happen, then whatever or whomever can't stop what you are aiming for. Accountability means it will get done because your are consistent and persistent in your efforts. Your 5th time trying doesn't mean you are incapable of succeeding. Define your success by your growth and ability to never give up, not by where you think you should be.

Whatever your journey is, starting over is not the issue. Not growing from that process is. If anything you can make this your best attempt yet, and this time you just may surpass your goal.

Having a healthy mindset is key in any lifestyle change. Prepare your mind daily with positive affirmations, prayer, meditation, positive conversation.

#WeekendISH it's a Lifestyle!

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