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  • Dana V. Hayes

Silence The Noise

When Does Noise Become Sound?

It becomes sound when we allow the noise in our head to create doubt and not motivation.

How do we do this?

We lack confidence in who we are or we are meant to be.

The Remedy: Tunnel Vision

Me and my husband, Keith, were talking about this yesterday. So many people tell us their reasons why they haven’t started working out or eating right. The general consensus is that they started looking around and got intimidated, embarrassed, scared. The fact is, EVERYONE HAS A DAY ONE!

There is no day 2 without day 1.

Nothing can change that.

My biggest lesson of 2019 was the realization that I was my biggest hater.

I would be good most days, but some days the noise would take over. Noise that was a culmination of years of peoples opinions, comparison, fear of the unknown. The fact that I want to reach my goals so bad actually stifled me and made me scared of making mistakes. This noise was LOUD! I always told my self...Dana don't do too much.

So my solution so far has been to prove myself wrong.

Workout when I don't feel like it.

Study for school when I ​​would rather be watching TV

Really only buy what I need and little of what I don't need

WHY? Because my goal is bigger than temporary gain.

Noise can't become sound, when I'm writing music.

The key here is to write your own story and do it in pencil.

There is nothing you can plan that will go as planned every time. However if you fail to plan, you will be consumed with sound (doubt, fear, comparison, pursuit of perfection). You will be consumed because you are not aligning your activities with what your goal is.

Lastly, the most important component is knowing that there will be noise, it's a fact of life, but it will never become sound in your life if you are confident.

Everything is everything is my mantra. To me it means that every lesson can be applied to everything you are trying to achieve.

When I first met Keith I would ask him, Why me?, Why do you like me? Seems like something everyone would ask. However, he told me that asking that question made it seem like I wasn't confident in myself.

I tell people this story a lot, because although I felt I was confident, my question to him displayed otherwise.

I say this to say, confidence sells. If you are questioning yourself, or anyone else for that matter it says you are not confident in your plan, your worth, your process. Hence the reason to write your plan, but write it in pencil. Things will come your way that you can't control, but your confidence in what you want to achieve is what will keep you on track.

Plan, Execute, Have Tunnel Vision, Repeat.

That is the remedy.


Goal set once a week

Write or verbalize a gratitude statement daily

Do at least 1 thing daily that will contribute to your goal

Focus on what you are doing well and what you can improve


Give yourself grace

Do too much

Repeat daily as needed and Evolve always!

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