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  • Dana V. Hayes

Chasing The Light

Recently my husband and I visited Scottsdale, Arizona and it was beautiful. Being from New Orleans, I truly appreciated the low humidity and no mosquitoes.

Dramatic much, yep I know! However, there is something about good weather and melanin that just flow together; no shade to the melanin challenged lol. In college I use to love days like that in Louisiana where I could blow my fro out, put on something light weight and cute, and just enjoy the outdoors. You couldn't tell me I wasn't Foxy Brown in the flesh lol.

Anyways, my time in Arizona made me imagine a future outside of my comfort zone, my hometown.

This is something that I've always contemplated, but never took that leap. I mean there are so many things I love about home. The food, our music, family being close. However, the older I get I wonder if it loves me the same.

Have I been holding myself back for reasons that are really just comfort zones wrapped in excuses. People leave the nest often, and not once is food a reason they regret leaving.

This idea that there is no place like home, is a crutch that so many of us have allowed to hold us back. Maybe we've watched a little too much Wizard of Oz. We get degrees in certain fields, graduate and find out there's not a lot of opportunity in our field in our hometown, so we settle for a job not the career we dreamed of.

We share our dreams with the same people who's vision doesn't go further than how us following our dreams would effect them. We start to alter our dream career to fit the job we now need, rather than desire. We make it about everything other than, how is this going to fulfill this void that remains deep within.

There is nothing worst than waking up one day realizing that the life you built was not meant for you!

Actually, the life you built was meant for the people you were trying to please.

So then we have the concept of chasing the light. For me that means, after you've had this ah-ha moment you begin to chase the things that will make you feel light, literally. Holding on to fear, shoulda coulda woulda, guilt, and what ifs leave you feeling so heavy that there is no energy to put you first and devise a plan to chase the light within you.

Maybe, for you, moving is not an option or your desire anymore. However, in everyday there is something that will help you feel lighter and more free, and ultimately help you find the light within you that you can shine bright. Go into each day grateful, and think on what's heavy that you can discard.

So here it is, lets challenge ourselves to 30 days of writing down gratefulness and vision statements each morning. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram so we can share the greatness that will come from this. Maybe next year this time I'll be writing in sunny Arizona! Possibilities are brewing.

Chase the light, Be the light! That's #Goals

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