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Liar, Liar

Right now is your weekday dose of #WeekendISH 

The Message is: Your feelings are liars.

We take so much pride in educating ourselves in every area. We boast about it to our friends. We hang our plaques showcasing our accomplishments, and which we should. There is no shame in being proud of our accomplishments. 

The question is even with those things, do you feel equipped in real life situations? Much like we educate ourselves in professional and vocational studies, we study to be our best spiritual selves. We spend so much time talking to God, reading his word, reading affirmations. We study, study, study! But how many of us on test day freeze up in the face of adversity because our feelings kicked in. We get discouraged, confused, backstabbed, depressed and forget everything we know already.  God said you would be victorious, right? We say God will provide, but we start scrambling, scratching and clawing when we are forced to live in that truth. We start doing strange things. Our beliefs and teaching seem inadequate against how we are feeling at the moment. And it’s that feeling, that we are not in control that scares us the most. My hope is to encourage you to remember that our feelings are liars. Remember that you have control by continuing to be faithful to the idea that what God promised is still the only truth that never fails.  Your portion is carved out before you were born, and it’s always available and never will run out. Keep pushing!

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