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Give Me That Greenlight

Lesson: Every opportunity isn’t the opportunity for you.

The “winning season” will have you signing up and/or subscribing to things that’s not meant to develop you, but instead distract you.

I’ve entered into a season where networking and expanding my knowledge and acknowledging I do need support/knowledge from others is so important for the next level. However that comes with a lot of responsibility to myself, to not be fooled by smiling faces and empty promises.

I call this a  distraction, because we yet again buy into someone else’s vision, and forget to feed our own with self motivation, accountability, and action.

In this season, “winning” season, we seem to be inundated with offers, information, and advice. We think, God is blessing us with this because it seems to happen all at once and we’ve been praying for “opportunity” for some time. So it appears like just the thing we've been praying for. 

However sometimes, YOU are the opportunity. Those who see what’s in you seek this out in order to exploit it for their gain, all because we are convinced we are not ready or not qualified. Yet their promises seem to never come to fruition because the fact is they are not qualified to promote you. God called you, qualified you, and gave you the tools needed to Just Do It!

We are all out here looking for inspiration, mentors, etc. when the gifts we need are within us.

Let me break it down more.

So recently I learned the hard way, the long way that just because an opportunity seemingly falls into my lap; that doesn’t mean it’s meant for me.  I found myself grasping at anything that sounded like it was in the field I wanted to be in, so I invested my time, energy, and money into it without fact checking the source. I entered into these situations because I failed to trust God’s plan. 

So riddle me this, after we get the call, why are we looking for man to give us the greenlight to proceed. We hide in furthering education, internships, experience. Fact is those things have nothing on what’s meant for you. We should only see those things as elevation, not the foundation. 

It’s a trap ya’ll. I/ we are setting traps for ourselves to continue in the same cycle.

We are continuously looking for answers from people whom we don’t know instead of going with our move. We are afraid to trust that God qualified us to be right where we are, and that needs no validation from so called experts.

Consider the source of so called answered prayers, by consulting with God and re-visiting you plan and purpose. Trust your discernment given to you  by God! It never lies! 

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