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Baby Steps

So I did a thing this weekend, February 6, 2021. I cut my waist length locs, to just below my shoulders.

There is something about a woman who cuts her hair that radiates freedom.

I was never one to be attached to hair until I had my locs, and since then I knew the time would come for me to cut them. Which I thought would be at about 10 years. Well this year made 13 years loc’d and free. I wasn’t ready to cut completely off, because I honestly love them, but I definitely was ready for a change.

When the loctician did the first cut she was so unbothered and really didn’t feed into my anxiety at all. To her it wasn’t a thing. Wam, bam, thank you ma’am. It was done. She saved my hair in a bag and went on with the rest of the styling process. And after all of that I still left the bag at the shop, 30 minutes away, with my hair in it.

And honestly it didn’t bother me. I wasn’t going to be one of those people that re-attaches them, and I wasn’t going to put them in some kind of keepsake box.

It was gone, a done deal, and surprisingly I was ok with that.

I looked at it as old energy released. It’s funny how this whole time I was gearing up for this big emotional response, and in the end I left my hair in a bag and didn’t shed a tear.

If only life was like this. Like if we could decide that the moment we are in is the last and just move on. However, just like with cutting my hair, we expect to be scared, emotional, grief filled and then when we aren’t we even

question that.

It’s like we create these dramatic responses because of some sort of respect/ responsibility we think we owe to the time we spent with a thing. We know people will expect us to crumble because of the loss.

Yet God has given us the immeasurable strength to power through the tough times and to embrace new beginnings with crazy faith that our new path is greater and ordered by him, so why worry?

This is how my entrepreneurship journey is going. I’m just moving with intention each day toward what God has for me.

Do I worry? More than I could express. I know I shouldn’t, but I’m not there yet. I am however, getting better at rebounding from my bouts of worry with action rather than inaction. My goal for now is to get unstuck, quicker. Baby steps!

Have a great week Loves,

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