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GVO: Good Vibes Only

Happy GVO Friday!

I’ve been looking forward to Friday, since last Friday! Lol

Am I the only one?

Friday is our universal indicator that rest is nearing.

We tend to get more relaxed on Fridays because we know that much-needed relaxation is near.

But even then sometimes we don’t truly rest.

What is your definition of rest?

I don’t necessarily define rest as doing nothing at all or sleeping. I also define rest as being able to exhale and release stress, worry, and fear. And sometimes, even though it’s Friday. We don’t really get to rest.

So since it’s literally Friday even if it’s not your Friday, If you’ve ever worked a job you know what that means, I wanted to give some insight on how you can rest and how it can positively affect your fitness results.

One of the major keys to being Healthy, Fit, and Balanced is stress management.

Yes, stress is inevitable, but extreme amounts of stress can cause numerous health problems and prevent you from having healthy weight management. Here are a few more adverse effects:

  • contributes to stubborn body fat

  • weight gain or the opposite, unhealthy weight loss

  • poor digestion

  • low energy

  • body aches

  • headaches

and the terrible part is most of us don’t notice it until it’s too late because we are so used to not feeling well that being unwell is normal. We don’t realize it until we feel better, that we were so bad off.

So I’m continuing to think of ways we can sustainably create less stress, and more rest and GVO in our everyday lives, you know…#WeekendISH :

#1 Create healthy boundaries and make you a priority

  • one of my first #WeekendISH blogs talked a lot about this, and the theme has continued. I found in my thirties I struggled with extreme exhaustion. I discovered that overextending myself and over-committing was a big part of that. I had to be honest with myself, that I’m not one of those people that can be on the go all the time. I also didn’t enjoy constant people interactions. So part of my ongoing journey has been the power of No. The power of being unapologetic about that no, and this part is still a work in progress. Why? Because the guilt from those that love you and need you is real.

  • You can say that what others expect doesn’t matter, but I don’t believe you. A huge part of being a great friend, relative, employee, or employer is giving what you expect from others. Intentions matter, but sometimes patience runs short and others expect you to show up for them.

  • With that being said, it works best when you are true to what you need and are transparent about it. Find ways to tap in with the people who matter so they know you care, and when something major is happening push it to the top of your list when you can. Key in all of this is Communication, a regret reply is better than not showing up when you said you would, or worse, ghosting people.

#2 Request more from your village and know that it’s okay.

  • Ya’ll this is a hard one! It’s also a common theme with me and a work in progress. So here’s the thing everyone is not you. They can’t read your mind.

  • Thinking about what you need to take the pressure off and asking for help is key.

  • And in the same breathe realize that it likely won’t get done the same as you would. I know we tend to get hung up on the how, instead of just being grateful that it was done. Whatever done is.

#3 Don’t skip the preparation

  • Preparation! It’s necessary. I talk about this all the time with my clients because literally, everything could be smoother and less stressful if you plan ahead. Most things in our day-to-day life are not random. We are all pretty routine. When we fail to prepare/plan we tend to feel it on the back end 10x’s more. We feel anxious, overwhelmed, and stressed. All of which start with us putting things off and hoping nothing happens in between to cause us to be delayed.

  • It’s like working out. I’m not a morning person, but I find that when I don’t work out in the mornings I’m less consistent. The mornings are slower, so typically nothing comes up to get in the way. However evenings are full of distractions, obligations, and I don’t wanna’s. If that’s how it’s been going, be honest to yourself, and make a different choice. Prepare to get up early not late.

  • Same goes with making healthy food choice. The more you prepare ahead, the less likely you’ll choose unhealthy food. It takes time to adapt this habit, but preparation will help you succeed sooner than later.

#4 Rest in Faith

Lastly, rest in your belief that you have everything you need. Rest in the fact that you prepared. Rest in the fact that you are taking the steps you need to daily to get the desired result. Rest in the fact that everything will be alright because God got you.

I’m using a lot of fitness examples, but this applies in all areas of life. When we feed our hopes and prayers, doubt and fear we kill them.

Speak life, follow the tips I’ve noted to lighten the load and REST! You deserve it.

Cheers to the Weekend!

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