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It Be’s Like That

This past year it became painfully clear that I won’t be here always.

I know that’s kind of dark for my usually sunshine and rainbows blogs, but it’s facts.

And it makes me think about every move I make and every thought I give life to.

I realized just a few seconds ago, that I’m not here just for you.

Another fact.

Although my goal is to motivate and inspire you to be the best version of you. To be as transparent as I can be so you know that there is someone who can relate to what you are going through.

This journey is for me too.

I think it gets lonely in this space of being a creative and content creator, especially because we are always trying to dig deep and pour out as much as we can to always show up with a mindset of hope and courage.

But to keep it real, that’s become increasingly hard.

I’m struggling with constantly emptying my cup with no real contingency plan on how I will fill my cup again.

There’s always a moment that abruptly knocks me out and lets me know that I’ve yet again run dry.

I don’t have the answers, but here’s my fill my cup again tips for all those who feel the same every now and then:

Clear your schedule, say no, and enjoy some time with you and your thoughts.

  • My favorite is just cleaning my space, lighting a candle or incense, and vibing to some music.

Ask yourself what’s really bothering you, what do you need?

  • Self-reflection is sometimes hard to swallow, but in the end it leaves you with closure or revelations that will lead to something greater

Let it all out!

  • Cry, write about it, call a close friend, or loved one. Venting without seeking an answer to it all is a love language.

Continue slaying without expectation

  • I was just asked, what would you like to release today? And my response is pressure. This is such a deeper topic, but in general it’s so much pressure, mostly applied by myself, to BE.

  • There is pressure to be smiling, controlled, understanding, a great wife, a great mom, and great friend. And in this space, no one wants to hear that you’re not…today.

  • They don’t want to hear that today, I feel like crap. Today I don’t want to go outside. Today I don’t want to hear your problems or excuses. Today I don’t want to be positive. That sometimes I want to sit in whatever feelings I’m feeling and actually feel them before I fix them.

  • So when I say keep slaying without expectation, I mean start with your own expectations of yourself and then let go of others expectations of you too. Because too much pressure breaks pipes. And all the people that are expecting something from you and the you that’s expecting so much from you, needs you to be authentic.

Everyone is learning how to be the best them, and we are forgetting that the best us comes from those days that we feel like crap too. Because even in our quest for #WeekendISH it be’s like that sometimes.

Blessings to you all…PEACE

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