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What Results Look Like


it’s been way too long, but I’m listening to one of my fav podcast, Blessed and Bossed Up, and the message is blessing me so much I had to share.

One thing that was said that triggered so much thought is, “ being active in faith can feel unproductive.” Wow!!!

my entrepreneurship journey is still going and so, that’s where my mind went.

And what came to mind is, sometimes we are working in opposition to God’s plan for us. We think if we aren’t doing more we are not putting in the work that faith requires.

But sometimes we just need to sit down!

Instead of adding to our plate, we need to be excellent and diligent in the moment and in the things that we are already doing.

The lesson is in the doing and consistency. We can then find time to really revel in the things that God has blessed us with, because we aren’t BUSY and we can see that we have everything we need. Even when we’re not where we want.

Our desire to be somewhere else, when we aren’t ready is keeping us up at night, comparing our journey to others, and we are stagnant because we have too much going on to contemplate the next step.

Just sit down, be present, and hear God.

Mannnn, when I tell you this is a word!

We gotta stop following every niche, idea because of what others are doing for the sake of money. Lean into doing the work that God has set before you, and he will order your steps to the thing that will impact others and you infinitely.

Listening, I’m like ok God, I hear you. Because just this week I felt defeated. I questioned, yet again, am I meant to do this. But it was all based on this need for validation that I was doing a good job. I was looking for evidence that my work was not in vain. And ya’ll I learned that sometimes aint no award for that. Your faith has to be so big that even in the season of no visible evidence/result, that you are not working in vain.

And so applying this to fitness, health, wellness, those things are great examples of putting your faith in action. Because it doesn’t always give you instant gratification. It doesn’t always show up the way your friend or the wcw’s did. So you have to believe that the work you are putting in, your commitment to the small things, to just being better will have an impact that you can’t see or describe. Because God see’s you! His desire for you is bigger than you can see. Just sit down and work. There is no work that will be in vain, you just have to change your perception of what results look like.

Bless up!

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